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About PocketChange

PocketChange is the simplest and most powerful platform for bringing the power of change into the hands of the people when and where they need it most. We empower our users to make a difference in the world by removing barriers for action in order to find solutions to the world's most monumental problems.

Our Mission

To enable human incredibility, to fix monumental problems, and to make change easy.

Our Vision

Become the world’s simplest, most impactful method of change, led by the changers, and driven by hope.

Our Team

Reyn Aubrey
Reyn AubreyIdea Man
Christian Dooley
Christian DooleyMarketing Ninja
Apoorva Bapat
Apoorva BapatRobot Linguist
Jon DuVarney
Jon DuVarneyPack Mule
Miles Dorrance
Miles DorranceSuper Sleuth
Noah Binstock
Noah BinstockSuper Sleuth

PocketChange By The Numbers

We work hard to make change easy.

Cups of Coffee
Post-Its Used
Days Without Injury