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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All our payments are sent through PayPal. They use SSL technology to keep your information safe. PayPal is 100% secure and has never had a security breach. PocketChange never touches your financial information, so you can feel confident knowing you’re in good hands.

Yes. Donations are hard, infrequent, and very expensive – PocketChange aims to change that. We ran the numbers – and wowzers! On average, we all have about 300 Facebook friends. Say you and 30 of your friends use PocketChange once a week for a year, giving $0.50 each time. In that time, you would have raised enough to feed 11,076 children for an entire year just within your personal friend group! To see more cool examples of what you and your community could do with PocketChange, click here. If we got 10% of all the friends on Facebook, that would be over $160 Billion in donations to the world’s most impactful charities. That’s world-changing.

No. However, we take 0% of your donation! Instead, we partner with amazing socially conscious brands. We are a for-profit organization for three reasons. First, we can raise investment to develop our technology for greater global impact. Secondly, it allows us to use the money we make from our marketing platform to hire more people in order to increase our impact. Finally, it allows us to invest in the technology needed to increase our reach, and push forward the micro-donation movement.  

We are a genuine relationship building platform for socially conscious brands. A brand comes to us, and chooses an issue that they are passionate about. They then match all the donations our users make to that specific issue, and pay us a marketing platform fee for enabling that relationship. This model doubles the amount going to the charity, shows our users a brand’s character, and allows us to pass 100% of your donation to the cause! If your brand or a brand you know wants to get involved, drop us a line at brands@pocketchange.social.

Just click HERE! However, we currently only work on your computer using Google Chrome. We are quickly going mobile, as well as focusing on other browsers.

Mobile PocketChange is in the works! Until then, you can help change the world on your computer by clicking the button below.