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About Us

 PocketChange is a social media app where every like, post, & reply sends free money to charity at no cost to you. Talk about everything from music to sports, memes to fashion, racism to climate change. Post pictures and videos, follow your friends, and showcase who you really are. The more time you spend on PocketChange, the better the world gets – it’s social media without the guilt trip.

Our Mission

To facilitate innate goodness, to rewire humanity with hope.

Our Vision

Social Media That Makes Things Better.

Our Team

Head of Design
Head of Product
Head of Partnerships
Social Media Manager
Influencer Outreach
Backend Server Engineer
Mobile Developer

A Special Thanks

To All the Helping Hands Along the Way

Reese Arthur
Sally Jane Stern
Peter Frank
Carter Fite
Lucas Filoreto
Adam Snow
Ethan Lockwood
Nate Vance
Caitlin Curry
Gracie Jacobson
Sedak Puri
Cole Polyak
Milena Rogers
Mia Sundstrom
Jordan Turner
Emma Rubenstein
Noah Winston
Annee Lorentzen
Daniel Rivera Ibarra
Sommar Ververka
Cate Daniels
Ella Rushing
Ericka Bremer
Charlie Menke
Maura O’Leary
Surina Techarukpong
Bilal Zuaiter
Breanne Harkins
Shannon O’Loughlin
Tasha Feichitnger
Grace Williams
TJ Polite
Grace Harrison
Kulani Gonzales Stocks
Noah Binstock
Miles Dorrance
Jon DuVarney
Apoorva Bapat