How to change the world.

//How to change the world.

How can we change the world?

One click.

Organic Content.

Collective micro-action. 


We know it sounds crazy but,

We aren’t going to change the world by being normal. 

You know that moment when you wish you could do something, just click a button, and make it happen? Well, that’s PocketChange.

We can all agree the world has problems. Big problems. Poverty, hunger, disease, climate change etc. The list goes on and on. What people don’t understand is that these problems are solvable. World hunger doesn’t just exist because it always has in the past, it exists because we as humans are not taking the necessary measures to eradicate it.

It requires:

  1. Time
  2. Complex web of approaches
  3. Massive shift in societal standards/perception of self empowerment

I could list those three requirements for pretty much any world problem you can think of. Luckily, we can easily do something about it. We have all seen the videos on social media or in the news. People comment, share, talk about it everywhere. They get millions of views every minute.

What if those millions of people talking about it, actually did something about it? What if it was easy? What if all it took was a click of a button and $0.25.


A ‘Like’ button that actually helps the world.

We are bringing collective micro-action to organic content you already love and adding a button to impact any cause anytime you care.

Simply put, PocketChange is a technology that empowers you to instantly micro-give $0.25-$2.00 to any cause you’re passionate about just by clicking a button on social media. 

It’s a button you add to Facebook on your computer that puts a “PocketChange” next to the Like, Comment, and Share buttons. As you scroll through your newsfeed and see a post talking about a cause-  an article about poverty, a picture of a house destroyed by a hurricane, or a video a friend shared on climate change, the PocketChange Button is there to help.

It will analyze the post, predict 5 possible causes, and instantly let you give the best organization impacting that cause at the root. You just click a button, we take care of the rest.

Right now you can add it to your computer on google chrome to impact any cause you care about. On mobile? Send yourself the link to get later. (Mobile app development in the works!)

Wait, it does all that? How do I know my money is going to the right place?

We created a world-class research process to select charities maximizing your dollars impact while solving problems at the root.    

  1. We select GREAT charities tackling world problems at the root. 
  2. PocketChange takes 0% of donations! We assure all incoming donations go directly to the organizations you give to.

Every organization must excel in these 5 guiding principles to be considered the most impactful organization ‘solving’ world problems at the root in their relative cause area.

1. Financial Efficiency 

Your dollar is being spent wisely.

Keeping costs focused and effective is essential to any well-run organization. We care about efficiency because it demonstrates financial aptitude, the ability to scale, & a deep-set belief in maximizing donor impact. In terms of overhead, at least 85% of your donation goes directly to the cause. (Overhead is commonly misconstrued to be the defining factor of a well-run charity, which we understand is not always right. It needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis. That is why we look at so much more.)

2. Sustainable Impact

These organizations have proven and will continue to prove, they make massive change.

Traditionally, charities are evaluated on numerical, short-term aid. We evaluate short-term aid, combined with the analysis of lasting impacts focused at the core of the problem to actually bring us towards solving it.

3. Approach Diversity

It takes a web of different programs to tackle a world problem in its entirety.

We select charities that excel at many different approaches to tackling an issue, creating real change in all areas. We do this because enduring impact comes from a variety of approaches, not a singular program or technology.

4. Scaling Focus

The organizations are working at a national or larger scale.

Organizations that think locally, but act on a larger scale are paramount to creating measurable change worldwide. PocketChange focuses directly on organizations with a strategic focus on addressing the problem for everyone, everywhere so the impact can still be seen on a local level.

5. Total Transparency

Ethical decision making and public reporting is crucial to ensure the organization is doing what they claim.

We believe total transparency speaks volumes about the character of an organization. It shows attention to detail, desire for feedback and improvement, and an inclusive focus. Transparency is also what lets PocketChange make great decisions because we know what’s actually going on.

Why we spend so much time analyzing charities:  How to select the best charities. 

How does PocketChange know what charity to assign when I click the button?

We use a technology used heavily in Siri and Alexa, except ours was invented for social good.

We are able to turn endless hours of research, analysis, and vetting of top-tier charities into 1 click for you.

Our button uses a form of Artificial Intelligence, more specifically, Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is a tech system that is trained to understand human language. It is a technology used to understand language, ours just prioritizes understanding social causes. Basically, our NLP will predict a few causes a piece of text may be talking about the same way a human would and allows you to take action on them.

This is very exciting because we directly benefiting non-profits using computer science, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, big data, and data science.

There are a handful of different ways Artificial Intelligence and Natural language Processing can be used for social good, but we will discuss that more in our blog focused on AI for Social Good.

PocketChange’s NLP is especially unique because our team has spent endless hours manually building the data set used to understand language in a cause-focused way. Any normal organization would hardly dare to spend so much time and energy handcrafting this sort of niche data training for NLP. But, because we have so many committed activists, team members, and volunteers behind our mission, we were able to put in the time and effort knowing this breaks down all barriers to take action.

Who is “we”?

We are a team of 26 human beings who have collectively spent an estimated 5000 hours to select 102 charities. Our research team is made up of students at the University of Denver, each person having a unique passion and purpose in why they are here working on our mission.

It sounds crazy to spend so much time on it, and well, maybe it is. But we believe this process allows us to laser focus your funds to the organizations making REAL progress towards actually ending the problem at hand.

Final thoughts

1. Ending all major world problems is a massive task that needs a lot of people behind it for long time.

2. It involves more than just giving, it involves a paradigm shift in the way humans feel empowered to make change in the world.

3. This technology can and WILL enable millions of people to take action in an entirely new and simplified way. With about 4/5 Americans living paycheck to paycheck, how are people expected to reach standard $25 dollar minimum donations? And that’s just to support one cause! Imagine if people cared about more than one cause? (Everyone).  For the first time, all you have to do is click a button to toss $0.25. Invite a few friends and we’ll handle the rest.

We are not out here doing this because we don’t know how else to fill our schedule. We are not out here to be fancy entrepreneurs. We are not out here to make money.  We are here because what else do we have to live for besides a dream for a better world. Get to know me, or anyone on our team personally, and you will quickly realize we’re those dumb kids who think we can change the world. Honestly, I’m fine with that. I’m just excited about the future because I know everyone has a voice, and I know people care. We have the team willing to do everything in our power to enable those voices to be heard. You do too, join the movement.

If everyone gives a little, the world will change a lot.

 Get PocketChange now.

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Written by Christian Dooley

Head of marketing @PocketChange


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