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I’m going to start this blog the same way hundreds of high school valedictorians before me have started their commencement speeches. Yup. I’m about to pull a definition from Webster’s dictionary.

Here I go!

Webster’s dictionary defines empowerment as the, “act of promoting the self-actualization or influence of someone or something.” To be honest, I don’t really like this definition. Even though it’s totally accurate, (I’m not gonna fight with the experts) it makes empowerment sound so ordinary. In reality, empowerment is the furthest thing from typical. It’s powerful and multidimensional, and deserve’s more from its definition.

Empowerment is a complex and fleeting feeling that motivates us to take control of the circumstances of our reality. It’s deeply connected to feelings of passion, anger and liberation. What sets this emotion apart from the rest is it’s implicit call-to-action. This intrinsic mobilization has the potential to change the course of history. Let’s look at some examples…

George Washington was empowered to push back against colonial oppression.

Harriet Tubman was empowered to guide the enslaved to freedom.

Barack Obama was empowered to run for President after only having served a single term as US Senator.

Infamously, these individuals harnessed this sensation to change the way the world worked. But, empowerment isn’t reserved for those whose names litter the pages history textbooks. This universal feeling can be experienced by anyone and caused by anything.

Think about it… when was the last time you felt empowered? It happens more than you think. Sometimes empowerment strikes when you’re scrolling through the news or watching a documentary. Other times, the feeling comes from something as simple as sharing a new idea with a friend.

Unfortunately, empowerment is often fleeting. It comes on so powerfully and leaves too quickly. When this feeling comes, we rarely have the proper mechanism in place to act on it. But, empowering yourself doesn’t have to be complicated.

Why? Because there’s PocketChange. 

Instead of experiencing the feeling of empowerment and saying,”Wow. This sucks.”

PocketChange works on shifting people’s mind-state to experiencing and saying, “Wow. Let’s do something about it.”

Our CEO Reyn Aubrey elaborates on this mission…

“Change isn’t reserved for politicians, activists and business leaders. It’s everyone’s job. What PocketChange is doing is transforming people’s mindset into understanding that the greatest luxury of all is our ability to take action on the things that we care about.”

“We all can make better the things that are bad. We can all change the world.”

Reyn’s right. PocketChange harnesses that incredible feeling of empowerment and allows us to get that much closer to making a difference.

Everyone has the ability to do something, PocketChange just makes it easy. It’s literally as simple as the click of a button.

Empower yourself right now.

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Keep up that kindness! 


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