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Community Guidelines

Our goal is to create a space where productive dialogue occurs and positive change is born.

In exchange for our work to provide the PocketChange platform, we require that all users follow a straightforward set of guidelines when posting user generated content (“Content”) or otherwise interacting with the Platform.

These guidelines exist to encourage an environment in which everyone can participate in the public conversation respectfully and safely. We reserve the right to modify or update them at any time to further our goal of providing a healthy and respectful space. You will always be able to find the most current version on this page.

Our goal is to welcome everyone into the PocketChange community. To keep the atmosphere productive and positive, we reserve the right to enforce these guidelines with respect to any Content, and any account, at any time, at our sole discretion. Our moderation team aims to apply the guidelines fairly and equitably, but since this is a human process, even with best efforts inconsistencies may occur. If the team resolves that a piece of Content you post is in violation of the spirit or the letter of the Guidelines, that Content may be removed from view. In the case of serious or repeated violations, an account may be temporarily suspended or permanently banned.