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Guideline / Respect

Respect is the foundation of the PocketChange experience.  Even when we disagree, things really can’t get that bad when we all show one another respect. At PocketChange, we take seriously our responsibility to encourage this culture across the platform.

What is respect made of?  When working to maintain the standard, we consider the following:


Everyone wants to be heard, even when what they have to say may sound boring or offensive to others. Does the Content suggest that the author is truly listening, even in the face of hearing things unpleasant or disagreeable?


Affirmation and compliments offer evidence that others matter. Does the Content reflect an open heart to affirming the value of others, even when perspectives strongly differ?


When we focus on how we can serve others, it’s hard to attack them too harshly. Does the Content reflect a caring for others and a desire to help them improve their life, as opposed to an effort to tear them down?


Kindness defuses animosity and helps open minds to different types of people, ways, and thinking. Is the Content kind to the recipient and to others who may read it?


Focusing on remaining grateful makes it hard to be unhappy and hard to be unkind. We’re fortunate to have others here to engage with us, challenge us, and make us better. Does the Content reflect a stance of gratitude for the opinions and contributions of other people? 

When moderating conversations on PocketChange, we work hard to apply the above standards fairly. However, the issue of respect ultimately comes down to judgment. On this standard, as well as in other requirements of the platform, the judgment of PocketChange is final. You voluntarily accept this as a condition of your access to the platform.