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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit get-pocketchange.com or search “PocketChange” in the app store!

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We select world class charities based on five core criteria:

  1. Financial Efficiency
  2. Sustainable Impact
  3. Approach Diversity
  4. Scaling Focus
  5. Total Transparency

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We have developed an extensive research process to efficiently go through thousands of charities focused on a specific cause, and pick the ‘best’ charity impacting that world problem at the root. We have 78 enabled on our platform. (Selected Charities

We use the payment processor Stripe, trusted by millions of companies across the world, so all payments are 100% secure! 

We process payments in $5 batches to reduce fees by 54%.

When you click “PocketChange it”, you will be ‘pledging’ your donation to the causes you selected with your set donation amount. They will get grouped, reducing fees by 54% which you can see from your profile. Once your profile reaches $5, it is transferred through to our partner Donor Advised Fund 501(c)3 organization Make My Donation Inc. Make My Donation then groups your donations and distributes them to causes/charities you chose to support. Stripe charges a 30¢ and 2.9% fee to initiate this $5 payment. Make My Donation Inc. takes a 3% handling fee. 

Your account will automatically transfer over any amounts after 60 days. This allows us to recognize all contributions while ensuring the fees remain very low.


PocketChange takes 0%. Instead, we partner with socially aligned brand sponsors to give them an opportunity to engage with users around a cause to build a genuine relationship. The brand can choose a cause they are passionate about and pledge to match donations towards that cause, or fill your account with credit. Credit card fees still apply. (More info)

Yes! Add PocketChange to your web browser: https://bit.ly/2xWgKDg

We are currently a google chrome extension so we can integrate across any website you are already using.


Our technology predicts the causes that person might be talking about, and attaches the #1 charity solving that world problem at the root. When you click PocketChange you are giving to the cause/charity, not the individual who posted about it. This is because we believe organic content can be the most inspiring, and we want you to be able to support causes on content you already love to read.

Example: Your friend shares a post about the Bee Movie, you click PocketChange and can instantly support the cause of Pollinator Protection through the charity Pollinator Partnership.


We target genuine inspiration and break all barriers towards action in the moment you care most. Round ups target the moment you are paying for something else, and opt you into adding more money. While this is a great fundraising tool, we focus our energy on self empowerment so giving is something you are excited about rather than guilted into. You have the power to care, we just provide you the PocketChange tool to facilitate that.


Thanks to our partner 501(c)3 Donor Advised Fund organization Make My Donation Inc. all your donations are tax deductible. If you would like a receipt for your contributions email us at team@pocketchange.social with your request!

You can join our Pocket Donor Community for contributions over $500. These donations are used to match other PocketChanges and provide free credit for new users.

No. However, we do not take ANY money from your transaction. We are a for-profit organization for three main reasons:

  1. To invest in technologies & fund innovative methods for the industry to utilize. Standard 501(c)3 organizations have many restrictions when it comes to spending donor dollars on programs.  We want to offer our tool to people as a method to fund non-profits while simultaneously tackling other difficulties these non-profits face. We want to use our technology to elevate the entire industry.
  1. To focus on a sustainable revenue model allowing us to grow through brand partnerships rather than donations. This will increase overall impact through companies getting involved and sparking a larger number of people to engage with these causes. This is much more sustainable than taking a fee of money from donations as is standard for other companies in the industry.
  1. To create massive change in the world by supporting the organization’s truly making it happen while investing in innovative methods to do just that.

We use AI technology to predict 3 causes the social media post or news article may be talking about. Our data set gets more accurate as more people use the tool, so keep on giving!

A chrome extensions is an app that modifies your browser experience. We add the “PocketChange Button” to your browser so you can always feel empowered!

Add PocketChange to your web browser: https://bit.ly/2xWgKDg

Reach out! team@pocketchange.social

If you have a mission, we would love to help make it happen! We are looking to work partner with socially aligned brands to empower consumers and people around various cause areas. If you are a brand that wants to grow while also demonstrating to consumers you truly care, join the PocketChange movement! We have various brand packages that allow donation matching, filling consumer accounts, & more

Right now, the only non-profit 501c3’s PocketChange enables on our platform are the ones selected through our proprietary process. (How we select charities)

Hover, if you are interested in joining the platform, please reach out! We want to enable independent charities to utilize the PocketChange platform in a couple different ways in the near future. 

We operate under the international GDPR compliance regulations. We do not sell any of your information to charities. Any text used for the AI cause prediction algorithm is anonymous. Stripe securely holds any payment information. All profile data is held privately. Check our privacy policy for more information.

Yes. Beyond the financial value of $0.25, your action is counted as well. A huge part of this initiative is bringing people together around positive change, so even if the budge starts at a small price, your voice and actions will ultimately continue to drive the change. 

Here are also a few fun stats on for example:

$2 saves an acre of rainforest. (Rainforest Trust)

$1 gives reading lessons to a child for a week. (Room to Read)

$1 plants a tree. (National Forest Foundation)

If everyone gives a little, the world will change a lot.