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We do the work for you. Our charity research team uses our proprietary selection process to ensure every dollar you give makes the most impact.


PocketChange donations may be tax deductible thanks to our partnership with Make My Donation, Inc.

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Your charitable contribution will be used to match micro-donations, sponsor new users, and enable 100% of micro-donations to go to charity
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Your contribution may be used to double micro-donations during trending events

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Empower the future generation of donors by sponsoring new users with $2 free. People will also receive $1 credit for inviting friends & growing the movement.

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Soon to come: Our goal is to eliminate any transaction fees for our micro-donors so they can feel truly empowered. Your donations will help top off the 2.9% + 30ยข Stripe fee. This will enable our Changers to give 100%.
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