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Project Description

Access to Preschool

National Association for the Education of Young Children

Established in 1926

Mission Statement:  NAEYC promotes high-quality early learning for all children, birth through age 8, by connecting practice, policy, and research. They advance a diverse, dynamic early childhood profession and support all who care for, educate, and work on behalf of young children.

Maximizing your PocketChange

For every dollar spent…

Impacts & Achievements:

Some of the highlights

CEO Salary: 1.39% of expenses

  • NAEYC was successful in recruiting a taskforce of 45 national organizations to facilitate and represent the Power to the Profession initiative

  • In 2016, NAECY served more than 60,000 educators and others who work on behalf of young children

  • NAECY books that were written in order to provide educators resources about early childhood development have won several awards, including A Silver Award for Journals

Featured Programs:

How NAEYC is making a difference

Power to the Profession

Power to the Profession is a national collaboration to define the early childhood profession by establishing a unifying framework for career pathways, knowledge and competencies, qualifications, standards and compensation. Building on guidelines, frameworks and standards that currently operate across programs, organizations and states, this initiative aims to establish a shared framework of career pathways, knowledge and competencies, qualifications, standards, and compensation that unifies the entire profession, which will lead to a comprehensive policy and financing strategy for their systemic adoption and implementation.

Global Engagement

To better serve the world’s young children and their teachers, NAEYC expanded its role in early childhood development globally. NAEYC’s Global Engagement department works with governments and other large-scale systems to create guidelines to support early learning, as well as to support early childhood professionals throughout the world. The Global Engagement Department adapts NAEYC’s resources, content, and expertise to offer culturally appropriate packages that support high-quality early learning.

Public Policy and Advocacy

NAEYC is a leading voice for high-quality early childhood education supported by a diverse, dynamic early childhood profession. Along with Americans of all political, geographic, and demographic backgrounds, NAEYC is coming together to demand investments in hiqh-quality early childhood education and early childhood educators, because they know that will make America brighter, stronger, and more competitive. The policies, standards, and practices NAEYC develops and advocates for are based on research and evidence in child development, and is at the federal, state, and local level.

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