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Project Description

Access to Arts Education

Americans for the Arts

Established in 1960

Mission Statement: Our mission is to build recognition and support for the extraordinary and dynamic value of the arts and to lead, serve, and advance the diverse networks of organizations and individuals who cultivate the arts in America.

Maximizing your PocketChange

For every dollar spent…

Impacts & Achievements:

Some of the highlights

CEO Salary: 3.33% of expenses

  • Helped establish the National Endowment for the Arts, promoting creativity and public access to the arts

  • Promoted the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which was signed by President Obama, increasing local and state accountability of arts education

  • Advocated for the Comprehensive Resources for Entrepreneurs in the Arts to Transform the Economy (CREATE) Act which aims to further support the creative community

  • Helps build strong arts communities through their connection events like Arts Advocacy and the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention

Featured Programs:

How Americans for the Arts is making a difference


Americans for the Arts advocates for greater public and private support for the arts and arts education at the national level, while providing tools and training to people nationwide so that they can make the case for investment in their communities.  

Professional Development

Americans for the Arts technical assistance and training programs serve a wide array of arts professional based on where they are in their careers, the types of communities that they serve, targeted sectors within the field, and services that cross all three.

Research & Information

Americans for the Arts champions a research-based understanding of how the arts are being used to address social, educational, and economic development issues in communities across the country.

Recognition & Visibility

Through its national network and array of public and private sector partners, Americans for the Arts works to shine a spotlight on the contributions of the arts and arts education with a variety of signature events and programs.

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