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Project Description

Clean Water

Charity: Water

Established in 2007

Mission Statement: charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

Maximizing your PocketChange

For every dollar spent…

Impacts & Achievements:

Some of the highlights

CEO Salary: .8% of expenses

  • Charity: water has funded 28,389 separate projects to bring clean water to the economically disadvantaged.

  • This charity has provided service to over 8 million people in need.

  •  Charity: water’s overall investments into these projects total over 196 million USD.

Featured Programs:

How Charity: Water is making a difference


Charity: water uses 100% of public donations to directly fund sustainable water solutions in areas of greatest need. These solutions include hand-dug wells, drilled wells, rehabilitations, spring protections, rainwater catchments and BioSand filters.

Ensuring Sustainability

Each of charity: water’s projects has a plan in place so that local stakeholders can make sure that water flows long after installation. They invest in forming strong water committees, partnering with local government, and training mechanics to perform repairs.

Working with Local Governments

Local government plays a major part in keeping water flowing. Charity: water partners engage with community, district and regional leaders to plan out the projects that they’re going to fund. This strengthens local ownership and can help build local capacity to maintain projects for years to come.

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