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Project Description

Cultural Preservation

Smithsonian Institution

Established in 1846

Mission Statement: For the increase and diffusion of knowledge.

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  • The Smithsonian is home to over 155 million artifacts that document the cultural past of all mankind.
  •  Annually, the Smithsonian dedicates over a billion dollars to its programs that preserve, research and celebrate culture on a global scale.
  •  The Smithsonian’s strategic plan, which is set to be fully mobilized by 2022 aims to unify the institution, address complex global issues, digitally reach a billion people, thoroughly understand and impact 21st-century audiences, drive interdisciplinary collaboration, optimize shared use and assets and strengthen administration within the institutions.
  •  In the US, the Smithsonian Institution runs 19 museums and galleries, reaching over 30 million people annually.
  •  The Smithsonian works with over 200 affiliate facilities and organizations across the US, Puerto rico and Panama.

Featured Programs:

How the Smithsonian Institution is making a difference

International Cultural Preservation

The Smithsonian is an international force in researching, preserving and presenting culture and the cultural history of peoples all over the world. From music to toys to sciences to language and folklore to so much more, the Smithsonian is at the forefront of discovering, preserving and celebrating global culture and history.

American Art Museum

The American Art Museum was the Nation’s first collection of American art and captures the imagination of American people over three centuries. The diverse and extensive collection, including the National Portrait Gallery, as well as the Luce Foundation Center for American Art are housed in one of the oldest public buildings in Washington, D.C.   

African American Museum

This museum is home to an extensive collection of artifacts documenting the rich history of the African American experience. It is a place where all people can learn how African Americans have impacted their own lives and shaped the United States of America.  

American History Museum 

Tracing the United States’s cultural, social, technological, political and scientific history, the American History Museum offers over three million artifacts that present the American identity and its evolution.

American Indian Museum

Its two locations- in NYC and D.C.- share one of the world’s most expansive collections of Native objects and documents from the entire western hemisphere. This collection celebrates and preserves the cultural history of Native populations while collaborating with tribes and communities to give visitors a true sense of Native America.

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