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Project Description

Mental Health

International Center for Clubhouse Development

Established in 1994

Mission Statement: Clubhouse International aims to end social and economic isolation for people with mental illness by growing the number and quality of Clubhouse rehabilitation programs worldwide. Through a global network of community-based centers – called Clubhouses, they offer people living with mental illness opportunities for friendship, employment, housing, education, and access to medical and psychiatric services in a single caring and safe environment—so they can recover and fully participate as valued and respected members of society.

Maximizing your PocketChange

For every dollar spent…

Impacts & Achievements:

Some of the highlights

CEO Salary: 9.5% of expenses

  • 10,000 people are reached each year from 230+ Clubhouses in 34 countries.

  • 42% employment rate at Accredited clubhouses annually- double the rate for people in the public mental health system.

  • One year of holistic recovery services are delivered to Clubhouse members for the same cost as a 2-week psychiatric hospital stay.

  • Reduced incarcerations, with criminal justice system involvement substantially diminished during and after Clubhouse psychosocial program membership.

  • 13 World Seminars with more than 9,000 participants attending over 1,000 workshops, institutes and plenary sessions relating to Clubhouse practice.

  • 800 Accreditation processes conducted, validating success and helping to strengthen Clubhouses everywhere.

  • The cost of Clubhouses are estimated to be one-third of the cost of the IPS model; about half the annual costs of Community Mental Health Centers; and substantially less than the ACT model

Featured Programs:

How the International Center for Clubhouse Development is making a difference

What Clubhouses do

Through over 320+ Clubhouses around the world, members of our Clubhouses are able to fulfill their potential and achieve a sense of belonging, dignity and self-worth through employment, housing, social and educational opportunities available through the Clubhouse.


Clubhouse International’s leadership, member Clubhouses, and Coalitions are active in social, government and mental health advocacy worldwide in an effort to build public support and grow more Clubhouses. Clubhouse International’s staff or representatives participate in and present the Clubhouse model at mental health forums and events such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the National Council for Behavioral Health’s Annual Hill Day and in a variety of different Mental Health Forums such as the Kennedy Forum, Mental Health Europe, World Health Organization, World Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. In 2020, Clubhouse International partnered with World Federation for Mental Health and United for Global Mental Health on a World Mental Health Day campaign that reached over 450 million people worldwide.


Clubhouse International hosts large, educational conferences such as the USA National Clubhouse Conference and International World Seminar (each one held biennially, in different locations around the world).
The USA National Clubhouse Conference offers exciting and inspiring learning opportunities about sustaining strong, effective Clubhouse communities in the United States. In 2020, we hosted our first-ever virtual conference with over 1,000 attendees.
The 2019 World Seminar in Norway, attended by over 400 participants from 19 countries representing 100 Clubhouses, provided an opportunity for Clubhouse communities to collaborate on changing the world of mental health, including: creating community; promoting healthy lifestyles; employment programs; reaching young people living with mental illness; and much more.
In 2018, Clubhouse International hosted the European Clubhouse Conference with 220 participants from 14 countries and was a co-sponsor of the Healthier Longer Lives Conference in New York City. Clubhouse International sponsored several low-income country participants in this event raising awareness and highlighting innovations and scientific advancements promoting healthcare and wellness for people with mental illness.

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