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Project Description

Pollinator Protection

Pollinator Partnership

Established in 1997

Mission Statement:  Pollinator Partnership’s mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research.

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Impacts & Achievements:

Some of the highlights

CEO Salary: 8.38% of expenses

  • Pollinator Partnership impacts scientific research, policy change and the social movement to save pollinators through dozens of rigorous partnerships with scientists, agricultural and government organizations and corporations at all levels.

  • Pollinator Partnership has funded over 30 research projects for Honeybee Health.

  • New data on native pollinators has been collected by Pollinator Partnership to focus on understudied regions and species.

  • Pollinator Partnership maintains a Data Portal to digitize and track pollinator data. Over 100 people in 20 countries have been trained to digitize this data that will be used for research.

  • Pollinator Partnership has impacted over 30 million acres of agricultural land through research.

  • Over 25 million kilometers of roadways have been improved as part of the Highway Bees ACT

Featured Programs:

How the Pollinator Partnership is making a difference

Pollinator Week  

Pollinator Partnership has initiated and maintained National Pollinator Week for 11 years. This week in June is designated by the US Government to highlight the importance of pollinating species and has become an international celebration.


North American Pollinator Protection Campaign is an annual meeting of over 160 private, NGO, government and institutional partners who organize in Task Forces to share information and mobilize impactful outcomes. The work of this conference is carried out throughout the year and built upon as research continues. 

Bee Issues

As part of the NAPPC, the Honey Bee Health Task Force has several functions including determining recipients of research grants and providing the latest information to the public, press and policy makers.

BeeSmart Pollinator Gardener App

Pollinator Partnership has designed an app that guides gardeners through picking pollinator-friendly plants for their region.

Bee Friendly Farming

Farmers all over the world are seeking out ways to become more bee and pollinator friendly in their growing practices. Pollinator Partnership provides education, resources and certification for farmers and growers, designate their lands as bee friendly.


The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge was launched as a collaborative effort of several organizations to promote sustainable pollinator safe gardening practices on public and private lands in North America and beyond. So far, almost 700,000 sites have been registered.

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