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Project Description

Earthquake Relief

Reach Out Worldwide

Established in 2010

Mission Statement:  To deploy quickly and efficiently to impact as many people as possible in the most effective way we can.

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For every dollar spent…

Impacts & Achievements:

Some of the highlights

CEO Salary: 9.27% of expenses

  • Teams have responded to over 25 natural disasters, including:
    •  Arkansas-Missouri, Colorado, and Louisiana floods.
    •  Alabama, Oklahoma, Illinois, Arkansas, Texas, and Georgia tornadoes.
    •  Guatemala volcano eruption.
    •  Hurricanes Irma, Maria, Harvey, and many more.
  • The Nepal Earthquake response team treated over 400 cases in 96 hours.
  •  ROWW provided water filtration devices in Puerto Rico capable of delivering over 13 million gallons of clean water.
  • Following the Fiji Cyclone, the ROWW team treated over 600 patients, mostly children.

Featured Programs:

How ROWW is making a difference

Nepal Earthquake, 2015:

Reach Out Worldwide sent a team of 12 to Kathmadu, Nepal with 34 bags of gear and supplies. The team traveled to rural villages that had not received any outside assistance for 10 days before the arrival of the ROWW team.

Chile Earthquake, 2010:

Reach Out Worldwide created a team of 12 that included firemen, paramedics, and EMT’s equipped with more than 30 duffel bags filled with medical supplies. The team traveled from community to community providing medical care and support.

Haiti Earthquake, 2010:

Reach Out Worldwide quickly provided food, supplies, clothing, and general first aid following the Haiti Earthquake. In the following days and weeks, their team worked to set up transportation systems, shelter, and medical-aid tents.

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