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Project Description

Stopping Bullying

Community Matters

Established in 1996

Mission Statement: 

Community Matter’s mission statement is wake up the courage of students and adults to create schools and communities that are welcoming, safe, and inclusive.

Maximizing your PocketChange

For every dollar spent…

Impacts & Achievements:

Some of the highlights

CEO Salary: 10.10% of expenses

  • Since 2000, the Safe School Ambassadors program has equipped nearly 60,000 4-12th graders in 1500 schools and 38 states with communication skills to stop bullying and improve school climate

  • The School Climate Improvement plan was implemented by Petaluma City School District, and the following results were achieved:

    • 34% fewer suspensions, and 28.5% fewer suspension days

    • 2% increase in attendance, resulting in $950,000 more in annual revenue

    • 11% performance improvement on state standardized tests

Featured Programs:

How Community Matters is making a difference

Safe School Ambassadors Program

This program engages the socially-influential leaders of a school’s diverse cliques. These leaders are selected and identified through student and staff surveys. They participate in a two-day interactive training to learn skills to resolve conflicts, defuse incidents, and support excluded students.

Whole School Climate Assessment 360

This program provides a school climate assessment– a systemic analysis process that identifies strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in a school’s climate improvement efforts. Utilizing surveys, interviews, focus groups and analysis of existing discipline policies, Community Matters provides schools with a comprehensive report including specific recommendations and best practice actions to effectively improve school safety, increase attendance and promote greater academic achievement.

A Waking Up Courage Assembly

This program is a powerful, student-centered experience that unites and empowers K-12 students to take a stand and speak up when they see bullying and violence among their peers.

Professional Development Training

Community Matters helps schools and other educational organizations empower and equip their staff to increase their understanding of the importance of school climate as a primary driver for reducing discipline incidents, improving attendance, and increasing academic performance.

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