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Project Description

Turtle Protection

Turtle Survival Alliance

Established in 2001

Mission Statement:  Transforming passion for turtles into effective conservation action through a global network of living collections and recovery programs.

Maximizing your PocketChange

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Impacts & Achievements:

Some of the highlights

CEO Salary: 2.75% of expenses

  • Commitment to “zero turtle extinctions in the 21st century”
  • Maintains diverse partnerships with zoos, aquariums, breeders, serious hobbyists, veterinarians, universities, conservation NGO’s, rescue organizations and range country facilities.
  • Target tortoise and freshwater turtle conservation from several angles in every program. For example, in India, TSA’s program includes poaching control, community education, nest protection, captive breeding and release.

Featured Programs:

How Turtle Survival Alliance is making a difference

Turtle Survival Center

This center, in Cross, South Carolina, is recognized as a world-class turtle conservation center and includes a greenhouse, veterinary clinic, quarantine facility and indoor/outdoor enclosures. This clinic supports over 700 turtles and tortoises from 32 of the world’s critically endangered species.

Global Projects

Projects and/or programs in the United States, Belize, Colombia, Europe, Madagascar and throughout Asia benefit 21 of the world’s 25 most endangered tortoise and freshwater turtle species.

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