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Project Description

Women in STEM

Youth for Technology Foundation

Established in 2000

Mission Statement:  YTF’s mission is to create enriched learning communities where the appropriate use of technology affords opportunities for marginalized youth and women.

Maximizing your PocketChange

For every dollar spent…

Impacts & Achievements:

Some of the highlights

CEO Salary: 2.32% of expenses

  • Inspired the creation and expansion of 14,000 businesses

  • Trained over 1.6 million youth and women in technology

  • Inspired economic sustainability in over 4,500 countries

  • Recognized and awarded by the Clinton Global Initiative, World Economic Forum, and Ashoka

  • Youth for Technology Foundation programs increase access to education, entrepreneurship, financial inclusion and technology for girls, youth, and women.

Featured Programs:

How Youth for Technology Foundation is making a difference


PeaceOpoly has a simple goal: teaching at-risk youth in volatile political climates that they can have a positive impact on their community. Started in Kenya, this civic education and peace-building program now teaches youth in Nigeria conflict management strategies and how to use technology for social accountability, evaluate government performance with data, and communicate the impact of democracy on quality of life.


Agric-P.O.W.E.R. provides rural female farmers with technology skills relevant to their work and practical agricultural information, including market prices. This program empowers women with the skills they need to advance or create an agri-business and even creates jobs. This generates additional income and, in turn, keeps their children in school.

3D Printing Academy for Girls

In the spring of 2016, the Youth for Technology Foundation set out to create a world-class, proprietary curriculum and training platform for middle school age girls to inspire STEM education and careers and 3D Printing Academy for Girls was born. Over the last 18 months, they have piloted and refined the model reaching 140 girls alone in Louisville, KY.

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