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Project Description

Women’s Health

EngenderHealth, Inc.

Established in 1952

Mission Statement: EngenderHealth works to improve the health and well-being of people in the poorest communities of the world. EngenderHealth does this by sharing their expertise in sexual and reproductive health and transforming the quality of health care. EngenderHealth promotes gender equity, advocates for sound practices and policies, and inspires people to assert their rights to better, healthier lives. Working in partnership with local organizations, EngenderHealth adapts their work in response to local needs.

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Impacts & Achievements:

Some of the highlights

CEO Salary: 0.58% of expenses

  • 17.9 million people reached in 2016 with sexual and reproductive health information

  • Six year project in Tanzania reached over 345,000 individuals with HIV and reproductive health interventions, and over 260,000 individuals with gender-based violence prevention interventions.

  • To date, an estimated 256,000 young people worldwide have participated in educational programs on gender, contraception, and sexual and reproductive health

  • 7.1 million men and women provided with contraceptives at sites supported by EngenderHealth programs in 2016

  • 38,290 individuals trained on sexual reproductive health in 2016

  • EngenderHealth operates and supports 460 health facilities worldwide that offer quality reproductive health services

Featured Programs:

How EngenderHealth,Inc is making a difference

Advancing Family Planning

Across the globe, EngenderHealth has proven that even in resource-poor settings, family planning services can be safe, effective, and affordable. EngenderHealth partners with governments, national health systems, community organizations, policymakers, and health care providers to: Improve the safety, efficacy, and quality of family planning services, increase contraceptive options, and ensure that women are able to make informed choices.

HIV, AIDS, and Sexually Transmitted Infections

To help overcome the global HIV epidemic, EngenderHealth trains health providers, improves health services, and advocates for national and international policies that respond to the needs of people living with HIV.

Engaging Men As Partners in Reproductive Health

Addressing gender issues is essential to improving the health of both women and men. Through EngenderHealth’s Men As Partners® program and other initiatives, they mobilize men to support their partners’ reproductive health, promote gender equity, and reduce gender-based violence.

Improving Clinical Quality

EngenderHealth improves the quality of health care by training providers to be responsive and informative, to prevent infection at the facility, and to increase communication among staff. Their pioneering COPE® process has been adapted around the world.

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