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Your Contribution May Be Tax Deductible Through Make My Donation, Inc.

Your charitable donation will be processed through our partner 501(c)(3) organization, Make My Donation, Inc.one of the most secure and efficient ways to give to your favorite charity. Through this process, your donation is tax-deductible in accordance with the regulations stipulated by the Internal Revenue Service. If you are uncertain if a deduction applies to you, we recommend that you consult your financial adviser.


Make My Donation Inc. takes a 3.5% processing fee to initiate your contribution.

PocketChange Inc. takes a 3% management fee from Pocket Donor contributions to enable your contribution across 70+ vetted 501(c)(3) organizations

We use Stripe as our payment processor which has a fee of 2.9% + 30¢. Credit card fees may apply.

What is Make My Donation?

Primary Mission

Make My Donation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with entrepreneurs and innovators using social media and other 21st-century technology to come up with new ways of helping charities become successful.

Please Note:

Your donation is being made to Make My Donation, Inc, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization operating a donor-advised fund, and is subject to all of their Terms and Conditions.  All donations are final and non-refundable. Your debit/credit card statement will be billed as “Make My Donation, Inc.” and will be processed in the following manner:

Your secured information is used solely for the completion of your donation. Information provided for any anonymous donations will not be provided to the charity.  If you require any additional information on security or privacy, please visit Make My Donation, Inc. at http://www.makemydonation.org.

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