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Change made easy.

PocketChange adds a simple micro-donation button to Facebook posts, so you can support any cause whenever you’re inspired.

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PocketChange is a button that sits on Facebook for you to take action when you’re inspired.

It predicts a cause, selects the most impactful charity in that area, & instantly lets you micro-give $0.25 to $2 to that charity.


Our Charity Selection team researches and selects the most impactful charity for every cause based on quantitative and qualitative metrics.


We partnered with PayPal to harness their world-class encryption and SSL technology, so you can rest easy knowing your information is safe.


PocketChange works on every post, from a news article about climate change to a photo of a puppy. Just click – PocketChange does the rest.

We created a world class research process to select charities that maximize your dollar’s impact, while solving problems at the root.

Approach Diversity

Sustainable Impact

Financial Efficiency

Total Transparency

Scaling Focus

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